Due to staffing issues … we will not be running traditional summer swim team

We will be running Team Training with Josh on Monday-Thursday mornings from 9-10a at the outdoor pool, weather permitting

We are extending the timeframe so this will run Wednesday June 2nd through July 22nd

Participant Qualifications
For everyone’s safety, your child must be able to swim a minimum of 25 yards of uninterrupted freestyle, unassisted and without any flotation device. Please keep in mind that practice is at least 45 minutes long. Should the coaches feel this amount of time would be too taxing on your swimmer, they will recommend one of our lesson programs that would be a better fit for your child. If there is any question as to your child’s readiness, please email Coach Josh at Josh@clubsatrivercity.com to schedule an evaluation. Evaluations must be completed before the season begins. If your child swam with us last summer and still meets the qualifications, they do not need to be evaluated.

Practice Schedule

Practices will start Wednesday, June 2nd.
Practices will be held at the outdoor Athletic Club pool M-F, weather permitting:

  • 7:00am – 8:15am        ages 11 and older
  • 8:15am – 9:15 am        ages 9 and 10
  • 9:15am – 10:00am      ages 8 and under

In cases of inclement weather, practices will be moved inside to the Kids Club pool at 8615 N. University

Swimmers will need to practice with a swim suit, quality goggles and a towel. Long hair must be up in a swim cap. Team caps are available for $5 at practice. A water bottle and something cozy to warm up in are also good ideas. Swimmers will enter through the athletic club front desk to proceed to the outdoor pools to practice. Please use caution as you drive around the parking lot because it will be busy.

If the outdoor or pool temperature is too chilly, or weather is inclement, we will practice indoors at the Kids Club pool, in the building next door (8615 N. University). Parents will need to park their cars at the Kids Club building and walk their children to the pool locker room in these instances. Thank you for your help in this matter. We must adhere to DCFS rules, which include no unaccompanied children in the building. We will send out a notification by 6am each morning if we will be practicing indoors on the Remind App.

Swim Meets
If your child is scheduled to swim in a meet, please make every effort to show up. Meet entries are done days in advance and no-shows create a host of extra work for both teams. If your plans change after submitting your meet sheet, please let the coaches know as soon as possible.

Any swimmer arriving after warm-up start time is subject to being scratched from his/her events.

All swimmers should sit with our team in the designated area during meets and be on their best behavior. Please remain at the meets until they are over – we may need to substitute in your child for a relay at the last minute.

Please help us make sure that we leave the pool facility as clean as we found it by disposing of any trash or messes. No glass is allowed on deck.

Parent Participation & Communication with Coaches
Running a home meet requires lots of parent participation and we do appreciate your help at these times. We ask that a family member of each swimmer volunteer for at least 1 home meet, if you are able.

Should you need to communicate with the coaching staff, we ask that you do not do so during practice times so that our coaches can stay focused on the swimmers. You are welcome to leave a note in the coaches’ mailbox, which is located at our athletic club front desk.

We also ask that you do not “coach” your child during practice times from the sidelines. Please allow the coaches to do their job as to not disrupt practice and the swimmers’ focus.

Team Suites
Should you choose to order a team suit, ordering site are below. It is not mandatory to have a team suit to participate.

Our team suits have been The Finals Splice series – royal with gold – for the past few years. As some of the choices are no longer available, we have added a fun new choice to the mix. If you would like to order a team suit, please see the ordering information below:

Swimoutlet.com Royal/Gold

The Finals Reactor Splice Competition Back

The Finals Reactor Splice Butterfly Back

The Finals Youth Reactor Splice Butterfly Back

The Finals Reactor Splice Jammer

Swim2000.com Navy/Blue/Gold

Dolfin Chloroban Color Block Dbx Back (9974C)

Dolfin Color Block Jammer (8974C

Swimmer Mailboxes
We will have mailboxes for all the swimmers. Please check your child’s mailbox regularly for coach’s updates. Swim team ribbons will be distributed in the mailboxes.

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