Kids and Adult Swim Classes

Dive into success with our expert swim lessons and unlock a world of confidence, skill, and joy in the water. From beginners to advanced, we've got you covered!

Improved water safety skills: Learning to swim can greatly improve your water safety skills and reduce the risk of drowning.
Increased physical fitness: Swimming is a low-impact exercise that provides a full-body workout, which can improve cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and endurance.
Boosted confidence: Developing swimming skills and techniques can help build confidence in and out of the water, leading to increased self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

Nurturing Young Swimmers in Peoria

For over 50 years, The Clubs at River City has been pivotal in teaching swimming to Peoria's youth. We believe swimming is not just a sport but a crucial life-saving skill and a foundation for overall well-being. 

Our programs emphasize the holistic benefits of swimming, from enhancing physical health to nurturing mental resilience.

Swimming offers a multitude of benefits for young learners. It's a low-impact activity that significantly improves lung capacity, cardiovascular health, motor skills, and coordination. 

These benefits are not just confined to the pool; they translate into improved performance in other sports and daily life activities. Most importantly, swimming equips children with vital skills that can save lives.

But our focus extends beyond physical development. We're committed to fostering qualities like discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. Our competitive swimming programs provide a supportive environment where children can grow, not just as swimmers but as individuals. 

It's about building a sense of community, encouraging healthy competition, and celebrating collective achievements.

Join The Clubs at River City, where we're more than a swimming facility. We're a community dedicated to empowering the youth of Peoria with skills, character, and experiences that last a lifetime. 

Our doors are always open to nurture the next generation of swimmers, contributing to a safer, healthier, and more connected Peoria.

Swim lessons at River City Swim School

Open Swim Schedules

Wednesday: 5:30-6:30pm in the Kids Club
Saturday: 12:00-2:00pm in the Kids Club
Sunday: 1:00-3:00pm in the Athletic Club.

Swim Lesson Schedule and Flow Chart

Swimming Age Flowchart - 2024
Swim Lesson Schedule Starting April 22nd
Swim Lesson Pricing April 22

Baby Sharks

(Parents are in water with child)

*Classes meet once a week at the designated day and time

Tuesday: 4:30 – 5pm
Saturday: 11:15 – 11:45am

$95.00 per session. Members receive a 10% discount.

Guppies (5 Students)

(Parents are in water with child)

Saturday: 10:30 – 11:00am
$120.00 per session. Members receive a 10% discount.

Squirts (5 Students)

Squirts Swim Class

Monday: 4:00 – 4:30pm
Tuesday: 4:00 – 4:30pm
Wednesday: 4:00 – 4:30pm
Thursday: 4:00 – 4:30pm, 4:45 - 5:15pm
Saturday: 9:00 – 9:30am, 10:30 – 11:00am, 11:15 – 11:45am

$150.00 per session. Members receive a 10% discount.

*Classes meet once a week on designated time and day

Adult Fins Up

Adults Fins Up

Wednesday: 5:30 – 6:15pm
$150.00 per session. Members receive a 10% discount.

*Each class meets once a week at the designated day and time.

Sailfish (6 Students)

Sailfish Class

Monday: 4:45 – 5:15pm
Tuesday: 4:45 – 5:15pm
Thursday: 4:30 – 5:00pm, 4:45 - 5:15pm
Saturday: 9:00 – 9:30am, 9:45 – 10:15am

$150.00 per session. Members receive a 10% discount.

Barracuda (6 Students)

Monday: 5:15 – 5:45pm
Tuesday: 4:00 – 4:30pm
Wednesday: 4:45 – 5:15pm
Saturday: 9:45 – 10:15am

$150.00 per session. Members receive a 10% discount.

Dolphins (8 Students)

Dolphins Class

Monday: 5:45 – 6:30pm
Tuesday: 4:45 – 5:30pm
$150.00 per session. Members receive a 10% discount.

*Each class meets once a week at the designated day and time

Team Training

Monday through Thurs: 8:00 – 10:00am

$185.00 per session. Members receive 10% discount.

*Each class meets once a week at the designated day and time.


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Welcome to Peoria’s Favorite Swim Classes!!

Fins Up Lessons

Skill Level - Intro to Advanced

Whether you're just getting your feet wet or you're looking to refine your technique, our Fins Up Adults class has got you covered. It's all about what you want to achieve. We're here to help you learn the essentials or to fine-tune your strokes, at your own pace, in a setting that's as serious about swimming as you are.

Baby Sharks: 12mo to 3yrs


Get your little ones water-ready with our Baby Sharks class. Perfect for parents and toddlers (1 to 3 years old), this four-week session is all about fun and safety, teaching kids how to float and get comfortable in the pool. You'll be right there with them, making sure they feel secure every splash of the way.

Guppies 3yrs & Older

Skill Level - Beginner

The "Guppies" class, a sanctuary for the young novices of 3 years and above, is a haven for those not yet ready to brave the waters alone. In this nurturing enclave, fledgling swimmers alongside their kin will embark on an aquatic journey, exploring the mysteries of gentle currents and the foundational movements of this fine discipline.

Squirts - Between 3 & 6

Skill Level - Beginner

Seekers of adventure aged between 3 and 6 are welcomed to the ranks of the "Squirts," a band of merry beginners who, armed with flotation belts, will learn to navigate the serene waters of our Peoria pools with independence and grace.

Sailfish - Ages 7+

Skill Level - Beginner

For the 7-year-olds and up who can swim a little, our Sailfish class is ideal. We focus on making them better at the freestyle and backstroke and boosting their confidence to swim longer distances.


Skill Level - Intermediate

Intermediate swimmers, get ready for the Barracudas. If your child can swim 25 yards on their own, they'll fit right in. They’ll master the breaststroke and butterfly and build serious swimming strength.


Skill Level - Advanced

For those looking for a challenge, our Dolphins level is all about advanced techniques. Perfecting strokes, turning like pros, and building up endurance – it’s for kids who mean business in the water.

Team Training

Skill Level - Competitive

Join our Swim Team Training to sharpen your strokes, master turns, and boost pace. Gain stamina and enjoy team camaraderie. Prerequisites: Know the four strokes and swim 25 yards unaided.

Swim Class Fees

Baby Sharks: $65.00 for a 4-week course
Guppies: $120.00
Squirts, Sailfish, Barracudas, Dolphins, Fins Up Adults: $150.00
Swim Team Training: $185.00

*Please note, our policy doesn't allow for make-up sessions if you miss a class. However, if you need to cancel before classes begin, we offer refunds minus a $25 fee. 

For those with long hair, please tie it back or wear a swim cap to keep it out of the way. Little ones who aren't yet potty trained must wear a swim diaper in the pool. 

Also, our pool area is exclusive to those enrolled in classes, so we can't permit non-participants to stay in that space. 

Are you ready to take the plunge into swimming? You can sign up at River City Athletic Club located on N University St. in Peoria, or get in touch with us at (309) 693-5700 to learn more.

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Contact Information

 Athletic Club: (309) 693-5700

8603 N. University Peoria, IL 61615

Monday – Thursday: 5am – 9pm
Friday: 5am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am – 6pm

 South Tennis: (309) 693-5710

1700 W. Altorfer Dr. Peoria, IL 61615

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 8pm
Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm
Sunday: 8am – 12pm

North Tennis: (309) 693-5700

1527 W. Altorfer Dr. Peoria, IL 61615

Same as North Tennis Hours

Kid’s Club: (309) 693-5700

8615 N. University Peoria, IL 61615

Monday – Thursday: 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm

River City Preschool: (309) 693-5757

8615 N. University Peoria, IL 61615

Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 5:30pm






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