Our Summer membership will start effective May 1 and end on September 30, 2021. Our outdoor pools are scheduled to open on Saturday, May 29th.
Our Summer members get access to our (fantastic!) outdoor pools but membership privileges don’t end there… Our Summer members get full Club access!
We recommend all potential members take a Club tour to see all the amenities and offerings.
  • Cardio and Weight Floor
  • Kiddie City Playroom
  • Groupfit Classes (Yoga, Les Mills, Spin, Bootcamp, Boxfit)
  • Aqua Classes (Indoor, Outdoor and Deep water classes)
  • Open Gymnastics, Basketball, Volleyball
  • Water Volleyball
  • Court Usage (Squash, Racquetball, Pickleball, Badminton, Tennis*)
  • Kids Summer Camp and Youth Lessons*
*Additional Pricing
Pricing for Summer 2022:
  • Junior (14 – 18 years old): $225.000 per season
  • Individual: $400.00 per season
  • Couple: $500.00 per season
  • Family: $600.00 per season
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    Summer FAQs

    The outdoor pools are open thru Labor Day, 9/06, from 12:00pm – 7:00pm every day, weather permitting.

    A modified back-to-school pool schedule will take effect late in the season.

    As an adult (18 or over) you may be at the adult pool outside of normal pool hours, at your own risk and until it is dark, as determined by the Manager on Duty, during regular club hours and when no classes are being held. As our swim team and preschool children are in the family pool every weekday morning, no one is allowed at the family pool, baby pool, diving well or bathhouses until 12:00pm and after the preschool children have cleared the deck. No one is allowed in common areas with our preschool children at any time. These are DCFS regulations and will be followed strictly and without exception. Anyone not complying will be asked to leave the premises and may have their membership revoked. Swim team may also use the adult pool weekday mornings. Swim team, maintenance and cleaning staff have priority at all pools during the morning hours. Please refer to the Lighthouse Pointe pool schedule.

    No children (under age 18) are allowed outside at the pool facility outside of regular, guarded hours (11:30-7:30) at any time for any reason – NO EXCEPTIONS! At 7:30pm, all children must clear the pool grounds.

    The bathhouses are not available for use until 12:00pm and close at 7:00pm.

    The pools will occasionally close early to host a home swim meet or special event. Dates and times will be posted in advance. There is no swimming or pool use permitted during these times.

    The temperature outside must reach 70 degrees by 11am for the pools to open at 11:30. If we do not open at 11:30, the temperature will be re-evaluated at 1:00 to determine 1:30 opening and again at 3:00 to determine 3:30 opening. If we do not open by 3:00pm, we will not open at all that day.

    The pools will be cleared in the event of inclement weather, thunder or lightening. Re-opening of the pools in these cases will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please assure that there is always an adult available to pick up children in these cases. Children will be housed in the athletic club lobby until they can be picked up.

    Children must be 14 years old to be allowed at the outdoor pools without an adult. Example: you may NOT drop off a 14 year old with a 10 year old! If there is anyone under the age of 14, an adult member must be present at all times. For the safety of our members and staff, this will be strictly enforced. Anyone found abusing this policy will have their membership terminated. No one under age 18 may be at the pools outside of guarded hours.

    Children must be 14 years old to use the athletic club without an adult. Please refer to the clubs AGE RESTRICTION CHART as to which areas of the club are available at what age. Please check with a membership coordinator with any questions and before dropping off children. Reminder: the indoor pool at the athletic club is not available to anyone under the age of 18.

    You are welcome to bring guests to the club! Guest fees are $13 for adults (age 14+) and $9 for children (ages 2-13) and will be charged for anyone who is not a member, regardless of area(s) utilized. There is no charge for children under age 2. We are unable to care for children of guests in our playroom due to insurance regulations. An individual may only be a guest 3 times per calendar year. If you have a guest meeting you at the club, please wait for them in the lobby. Adult guests must complete and sign the guest register located at the front desk. Any guest under the age of 18 must be registered and signed in at the front desk by an adult (over age 18).

    If you have out-of-town company coming for an extended period of time, please see a membership coordinator for special accommodations

    All children who require a flotation device and all children age 5 or under must have a parent/guardian in the pool with them within arm’s reach at all times. No Mermaid tales are permitted.

    Personal items may be stored in a day locker in one of the bathhouses or locker rooms throughout the facility. Please bring your own lock. Permanent lockers may be rented for the duration of the pool season. Staff members are not allowed to look after or be responsible for members’ personal items.