No longer feel like you can’t make time to get in a workout.  Our professional staff will watch, teach and play with your child while you take the necessary time to take care of your own health.
Our caring, CPR certified staff are all about making Kiddie City a fun and safe place for your little one(s) while you accomplish your fitness and wellness goals!

For all children under the age of 15 months, please call 24 hours ahead to make a reservation. We want to make sure that we have enough staff to properly care for all the children. Children under the 15 months are allowed in Kiddie City for one hour maximum. For kiddos over 15 months, the maximum time is two hours.

In order to utilize the playroom, children must be on the membership or the fee is $5.00 per visit. Due to insurance regulations, we aren’t able to care for the children of club guests.

Please call 309-693-5700 to make a reservation for your child or if you have any other questions.

NOTE: Children under 15 months must have a reservation (24 hours in advance) and are allotted a 1 hour time limit.
Children over 15 months are allotted a 2 hour time limit. Our playroom is nut, nut-oil, and egg free and due to allergies of many children, we do not permit ANY snacks within the playroom.

Morning Hours: 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9-11am

Evening Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday: 5-7pm

Weekend Hours:

Saturday: 8:30-11:00am