Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Individual Achievement: No one sits on the Bench.


Beginning/White-Yellow Belt (Ages 5 and up)

Learning proper stance, basic blocks, punches, and kicks all being applied in basic

Kata/Poomge. Your child will also learn how to count in the Japanese language!

Advanced/Orange Belt and Above (Ages 5 and up)

Learning advanced level technique and Kata with an advance level of application. Your child will continue to learn more names and technique in the Japanese language along with the origin of Kata.

Instructor: Renshi Donald Dike 6th

Beginners/Advanced: $60.00 members save 25%

Saturdays: 2019- July 6, 13, 20, 27

9:30-10:30 AM


About the Instructor: Renshi Donald W Dike 6th Dan

Donald started his martial arts training in 1967 in Udon Thani, Thailand under Sensei Millon R. Smith, a nidan judoka from the Kodokan. Mr Dike achieved sankyu in 1968.

After training in TKD for several years, Mr Dike started training in Karate and kobudo under Hanshi Phillip Koeppel (8th dan) in 1983.

In the summer of 1988 Don was introduced to 10th dan Master Yuichi Kuda (Mr Koeppel’s Sensei) and began receiving instruction from him at Mr Kuda’s yearly seminars. One of Master Kuda’s senior American students, Kenneth L Penland, (8th dan karate-10th dan jiu-jutsu) took an interest in Don and has been his tutor in karate, kobudo, and jiu-jutsu since 1989.

In 1990 Don became the only person in USKK history to achieve the rank of shodan in kobudo before attaining that rank in karate.

In 1993 Don started training in Shinto Yoshin Ryu under Sensei Alan B. Cromer. Mr. Cromer was a fellow instructor at Mr. Koeppels karate Dojo and introduced Don to Master Douglas Grose, 10th dan, of the AJKA.

In the summer of the year 2000, Hanshi John D. Lupton brought the a Jiu-Jitsu Team from Ireland to the USKK National Championships to compete. Don befriended the JJI team and Johnny Lupton in particular, which resulted in Don traveling to Ireland on a regular basis.

Don has established his Jiu-Jitsu creditials in the United States and left the USKK (despite being a life member) in order to build his own Dojo. He has achieved that ambition.

Don is also a member of the International Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation and American Ju-jutsu Karate Association.