What is the Champion Plan?


The Champion Plan is a package plan to cover indoor open court time costs for the indoor season (Sept-May) and/or the optional 3 month summer season (Jun-Aug), provided reservation rules are observed.  The Champion Plan does not affect your membership type.  However, you must have a membership in order to use the tennis clubs and take advantage of the Champion Plan.  The Champion Plan is available only to the adult members on a membership.  Individual or couple plans are available.  The indoor season plan is billed in nine (9) equal installments.  The plan covers court costs incurred during the indoor season (Sept 1–May 31) by the persons on the plan provided all rules are observed.  An optional 3-month summer season (June 1-Aug 31) plan is also available.  The summer season is billed in three (3) equal installments.

The Champion Plan entitles you to the following:

1)  One hour of reserved singles per day, or

2)  1 ½ hours of reserved doubles per day, or

3)  ½ hour of reserved court time for serving practice or ball machine use.  Ball machine rental fee is $3.50 per ½ hour.

4)  Unlimited “walk-on” court time for singles, doubles, serving practice, or ball machine use.  “Walk-on” refers to the court availability, not the player.

5)  Reduced prices on specified leagues and special events as announced.

Reserved Court Times

The Champion Plan will apply to your share of reserved court times (1-3) above, provided that the following are observed:

1)    The date of the reservation is no earlier than 8:15a.m. of the day prior to play. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  The time and the date of the reservation determines if the Plan applies, regardless of who made the reservation.

2)    Second reserved times for the same day are not booked until the earlier reserved time has been played off.

Additional Champion Plan items:

1)  Your Champion Plan only covers your share of the court costs.

2)  If you “sub” for someone, your plan will cover your court costs provided you have not used your allotted reserved time for the day and the date on the reservation is no earlier than the day prior to play.

3)    Permanent court time does not affect your allotted reserved time for the day.  Also, the plan does not affect the pre-billed permanent court time costs.

4)  “Subbing” is not considered “walking-on” if a court reservation was made.

5)  Court costs for reservations made prior to the day of play are the player’s responsibility, either to pay the costs or advise the front desk that other arrangements were made with the person(s) for whom they are subbing for or playing with.

6)  It is not the club’s responsibility to advise other players of your Champion Plan option.

7)  Additional “walk-on” time is allowable, but you must still check-in and register at the front desk.  If the “walk-on” time follows your reserved time, please check for court availability at the end of your reserved time.

8)  The Champion Plan is not designed to cover every court usage unless the Champion Player takes responsibility for the booking of the court and monitoring of his/her play situations.

How Do I Know the Champion Plan is for Me?


Do I play frequently?

Do I play with other Champion Players who only reserve the day prior to play?

Will the frequency of play be consistent for the duration of the season?

Do I like to play for long periods of time when I come out to the club?

Do I play more singles than doubles?

What time of day am I available for play?

Is my schedule flexible enough to fit into court availability?

“Break Even” points on Champion Plan vs “Pay-for-Play” courts:

CHAMPION PLAN INDIVIDUAL @ $94.00/month.  If only singles is played (1 hour each time), then approximately 6 times per month.  If only doubles is played  (1½ hours each time), then approximately 7 times per month.

CHAMPION PLAN COUPLE @ $164.00 /month.  If only singles is played (1 hour each time), then 10 times per month between the couple.   If only doubles is played (1½ hours each time), then approximately 13 times per month between the couple.

When can I sign up for the Champion Plan?

At any time, however, the Champion Plan is a commitment for the entire indoor season (9 months) or entire summer season (3 months).  There is no prorating from the date of plan sign-up for existing members.  Only new members to the Club may be pro-rated from the date of their membership contract.